Elena Darmenko

Expat Psychotherapist

Fixing an appointment

I offer psychologist services to clients at the following addresses in Moscow: 2, Entrance 2. Zlatoustinsky Lane (metro station Kitay-Gorod), as well as 3/7, Building 1B, entrance 3. Pokrovka St.

I also conduct online consultations on Zoom and Skype for clients around the world.

Please, sign up via WhatsApp or email - darmenko.elena@gmail.com.

Duration of a course of sessions

A preliminary meeting before the course of consultations is free of charge.

Before making an appointment, be sure to read the information about the organization of our work together. In case you are ready for the course of sessions, we would identify the number of sessions and draw up your personal schedule.

In my working experience with expats, in most cases, clients would need 15 to 30 sessions (4 to 8 months). Less often, just one intensive consultation, lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes, would be sufficient for clients. And finally, a number of clients prefer a longer format of collaboration, starting from 1 year. Such preferences are associated with the peculiarities of expats' life, their frequent movement from one country to another and, as a result, focus on settling their problems in the shortest possible time.

Cost of appointment

Preliminary consultation before the start of a course sessions: 45 minutes/free of charge.

A preliminary meeting shall be held if you have an inner readiness for stable changes in your life, and if you are ready to take a course of sessions. This is not an introduction, but an organizing meeting before the start of the course. The minimum course is 10 sessions, after which we recap, assess the progress, and take a decision regarding the continuation of working together.

If you have neither emotional, nor time, nor financial resources to take a course of consultations right now, or if you are not sure that it is necessary, then a preliminary meeting does not make sense – so please, sign up for a one-time intensive consultation.
One-time intensive consultation: 1 hour 30 minutes/7,000 rubles.

If everything in your life suits you in general, but some particular situation causes inner discomfort, then a one-time meeting would help you get bearings quickly, stabilize your condition and choose the best solution in the current circumstances. In this format, you can visit a psychologist from time to time - when necessary.

Individual consultation within the course: 50 minutes/5,000 rubles.

To save money and to fix the cost, it is possible to pay for services at a time:

If you pay in advance for 10 consultations, you get a 10% discount/cost of one consultation is 4,500 rubles/45,000 rubles.
If you pay in advance for 20 consultations - 15% discount/cost of one consultation – 4,250 rubles/85,000 rubles.

Consultation for spouses (couples): 1 hour 30 minutes/7,000 rubles.
If you pay in advance for 10 family consultations, you get 10% discount, 20 consultations - 15%.

Group therapy (a group of 3 to 6 persons): 1 hour 30 minutes/4,000 rubles for each participant.
If you pay in advance for 10 consultations you get 10% discount.